Smart Homes on the Rise

Smart homes have become increasingly popular over the years among the high net-worth buyer.  Not only do these owners enjoy the integrated music and media systems they can use in their everyday life, but there is an added value to a top of the line security system. Homes that are equipped with the latest technology provide these types of buyers with an added sense of comfort, privacy and security in the modern real estate market. 

The year 2020 has been bench marked by a leading real estate brokerage, for when the “smart home” will finally be mainstream. It was reported that 45% of all Americans already have some sort of smart home technology in their homes now, or plan to in 2016. The ability to view and even access multiple security cameras, state of the art alarm systems and home control settings in these high value homes has almost become a norm and a necessity. This added piece of mind allows these jet-setters to monitor their home, or homes, from just about anywhere in the world. If that doesn’t say safety, I don’t know what does!

Smart homes are not limited to just top of the line security systems, but also state of the art home theaters, speaker systems, refrigerators with television, appliances that can interact with your smart phone and the list goes on and on. With each passing year, a new generation of technology is born. It’s is so important not to miss the new smart home train. Get on board!


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