What You Need to Know About New Construction

new constructionCommunities and condominiums in the pre-construction phase or already under construction are blazing in Southwest Florida. After many years with no new developments, builders are now experiencing a boom among the high demands from buyers for new homes. The trend to purchase new construction is strong for just a few simple reasons; new homes are more energy efficient and often many “smart home” features are already included. Insurance premiums on a new home are likely less than that of an older home. The buyer also gets exactly the finishes they desire and can more or less build their dream home to their liking.

However, there are a few questions you need to ask when considering buying in a new construction development. You need your own agent when buying new construction. The builders’ on-site sales representative works for the builder and represents their interest. It is very important to have someone looking out for you! Many agents are also the first to know about different specials and deals being offered by the developer. Take advantage of their knowledge. Most builders have a list of prices as well as the costs associated with the upgrades that you choose. Agents understand builder pricing. Don’t expect to go in and negotiate on the price like you might on a resale. Bring your agent along with you on your first visit and the last visit to make sure you are getting the deal on your new home that you deserve.

The most important piece of information we can offer you is to do your research. Your agent can identify other homes for sale in different communities, both new and resale, so you are more educated on the market and its different values. Your agent will know that reputation of the builder and other projects they have completed and the outcome of them. Trust in your agent to help you find a home the best suits you, new or old.

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