Smart Home, Happy Pet

smart_dog_6u5h6The smart home revolution has led to some mind-boggling advances to our daily routines. From brewing your favorite cup of coffee, from your smart phone to streaming your favorite Spotify playlist. It seems there is no end to the daily life hacks now available to us. However, it is not just humans that are benefiting from this otherworldly technology. It should be no secret that devoted pet parents spent a whopping $19.7 billion on their beloved fur babies in 2014. These owners truly want the best for their pets and are simply willing to do anything it takes.

One of the main concerns when leaving a pet home alone during extreme weather is wondering how they would fare in the high heats or the blistering cold. Well, pet owners have discovered smart thermostats. Smart thermostats now enable you to tinker and toy with the temperature of your home in order to completely meet your pet’s needs all while being accessed and controlled by your smart phone or tablet. Another interesting innovation are changes to your fur babies potty time routine while you are away. Regardless of how well trained your dog is, it is simply not fair to force your pup to hold it for an extended period of time. We are talking about smart doggie doors. These doors are designed to go beyond the traditional doggy door by using radio waves to let your dog in and out. There is a simple key that is attached to your pups collar and alerts the door to open and close accordingly. Pretty amazing stuff, right?

From temperature setting to potty time, there are a lot of new answers for your smart pet concerns, ensuring that tail will be wagging for years and years to come.


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