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Defining a Buyer or Seller’s Market

Inventory levels help define the state of an area’s housing market. It is some experts opinion that 12 months of supply signals a more balanced market. The relationship between supply and demand is simply determined by dividing the number of active listings by the number of closed sales in […]

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Benefits of a REALTOR®

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful task for anyone, especially when it is your first home. However, it’s a process that you do not have to go through alone. This is where a REALTOR® come in and earns their weight in gold! When homebuyers and […]

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Generate More Interest and a Larger Return

When it comes to selling your home, remember that it is the little things that stand out to buyers. Buyers want to see a property they can picture themselves in. Home improvements are a sure way to help generate more buyer interest as well as increase the average […]

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What You Need to Know About New Construction

Communities and condominiums in the pre-construction phase or already under construction are blazing in Southwest Florida. After many years with no new developments, builders are now experiencing a boom among the high demands from buyers for new homes. The trend to purchase new construction is strong for […]

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Home Inspections: What is the Radon test?

Both buyers and sellers are thrilled. The negotiations have ended on the sale of a property and now the property is pending with contingencies such as the inspection. During this period, the buyer hires an inspection company to check the property for a variety of system and […]

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Do You Need Help Tackling the Clutter?

One of the more cost effective ways to prepare a home for sale is to organize it, but we know for many home sellers that is no easy task. Clutter comes in all different forms and it can linger in most homes It’s important to contain and, […]

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To do List for Listing Your Property

  Making the decision to list your home for sale can be a little nerve racking. Will it sell for the price you want? How long will it take to sell? Did you choose the right agent? These are important questions in the sales process of your […]

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Renovation RIO-What You Need to Know

They say home is where the heart is, but sometimes it’s also where a homeowner’s savings plan comes into account. Many homeowners have a long wish list of renovations and projects they want to get completed, but never seem to get around to it. While return on investment (ROI) may not […]

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Are You Selling, or Staying?

Homeowners who are preparing to sell often make many improvements, big and small, to increase their chances of bringing in that sale. According to one of the newest reports from the National Association of REALTORS®, remodeling projects can also bring in some major benefits to homeowners who […]

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“Nomophobia” is the latest affliction plaguing 9 out of every 10 people under 30 — fear of being out of mobile phone contact.  66% of us are obsessed with our smart phones and use the apps to conduct our lives. The mobile mindset is obviously here to […]

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