Are You Selling, or Staying?

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Homeowners who are preparing to sell often make many improvements, big and small, to increase their chances of bringing in that sale. According to one of the newest reports from the National Association of REALTORS®, remodeling projects can also bring in some major benefits to homeowners who decide to stay in their homes. Let’s take a look at some of the statistics.

According to this report, 64% of consumers have experienced increased happiness and enjoyment in their homes after seeing the improvements that have been made. In addition to that, 75% say they felt a huge sense of accomplishment when thinking about their completed project(s) in their homes. As for their reasoning, these consumers just wanted to updated some worn-out surfaces, finishes, certain material, add more or different features and just improve the overall livability. This report also noted that some of the biggest changes were made in the kitchen with upgrades, complete kitchen renovations, complete bathroom renovations, and new wood flooring as the interior projects that most appealed to potential buyers.

 These homeowners have been so use to how their homes looked, they didn’t realize that just one or two small changes could completely transform the home they fell in love with once upon a time! Remodeling projects can greatly improve not only the value of ones home, but the satisfaction of having done so as well. This report highlights some of the best projects to consider in buying or selling and showcases just how much of a difference a good and professional remodel can make in real numbers. To read this report, click HERE.


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