To do List for Listing Your Property


question-mark-faceMaking the decision to list your home for sale can be a little nerve racking. Will it sell for the price you want? How long will it take to sell? Did you choose the right agent? These are important questions in the sales process of your home. However, the key question is how does your house need to look in order to attract buyers who are out shopping around for their next home. Your agent may have a few suggestions for repairs and small improvements to help get your property sold.

It cannot be said enough. A clean and uncluttered look gives buyers a much better idea on what changes they can make in the event they purchase the property. Evaluate your home. Can people see past the you in your home? Be sure to clean every room in the home thoroughly and get rid of the clutter and excess furniture. Have the carpets, drapes and windows cleaned. Put some things in a storage locker if you feel you have a lot of clutter and cannot part with the items. You’ll make the room look bigger and brighter.

Making small home improvements can also bring back some life to your home. Touching up the interior paint and installing new panels on the electrical switches are small details creating big changes on how a room looks. Fixing up some drippy faucets, updating knobs and handles on the kitchen cabinets and maintaining your lawn and garden will also help the buyers see the beauty in your home that first made you fall in love with it. Discussing all of these this with the right REALTOR® will get you on the right track to getting your home sold for the price you want. 

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